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Popcorn Selling Tips
•A Scout is prepared...always have an extra pen or pencil to keep your Take Order form as neat as possible . •A Scout is kind...always say "Thank You", even if the customer does not place an order.
•A Scout is courteous..always be polite; wear a smile and introduce yourself. •A Scout is friendly...always smile!
•A Scout is trustworthy...be honest when telling a customer how great the popcorn really is. •A Scout is loyal...never give up!
•A Scout is clean...make sure you always wear your uniform. •When you are selling the popcorn, tell the people what the money goes toward.
•A Scout is cheerful....call the customer by his or her name if you know it. •Make sure you know all the different types of products you're selling.


Always sell in pairs accompanied by an adult Never carry large amounts of cash with you
Never enter anyone's house alone. Never sell after dark unless you are with an adult.


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